"Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need"

                                                                                                                   Khalil Gibran

Giveaway Information


Every month I do a free giveaway for people on discord. You get to win a random steam key. How to enter? Join the discord, head over to the Giveaway Channel and enter. ( Please read the rules ) . Discord: 



Have you got Amazon Prime? Did you know that you can subscribe to a Twitch channel once a month? Support DeltaBravo Productions and his community by subscribing to his channel. In return, DeltaBravo Productions will be doing a game giveaway every 1st of the month among those who has subscribed. Twitch:



I believe that if you are going to support me through Patreon that you should get a little reward. Each month I will be giving away a ( 1 ) Humble Bundle Month Subscription among the Patreons.Depending on the level you are, some of you might get extra chances.

DBP Coins

When you are watching on Twitch, you get some coins.

Subs get 2x the coins

What can you do with the coins?​

-Message Highlight

-Twitch Follow Back

-YouTube Follow Back

-Twitter Follow Back

-Free Steam Game

Giveaway hall of fame




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