Farming Simulator 17 Server

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We are a group of people who like to play a little more realistic than most. We play with mods like MR. We try to be someone realistic in our approach to farming, even though sometimes we have our goofy moments. 


How to join:


ANYONE is more than welcome to join, but there is a couple of steps to follow


1) Join discord and mention that you want to be on the server try out team  Discord: 



2) Be on the server try out team. That means that you will only be on when there is an ADMIN on the server. This is to make sure there aren't any trolls and make sure that you understand the gameplay that is provided. 


3) Be respectful 



Server Is Closed, Check out FS19 Server

We are playing on

Shamrock Valley 

made By: Oxygendavid

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