"Giving back is what it's all about"

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Sponsorship Program

I've decided to create a sponsorship program in order to support streamers and also to give back to the gaming community. Those people who watch us day in and day out. Entries will be accepted between the 1st of every month till the 14.  A minimum of 1 sponsorship will be provided per month. If in a case where no one has applied, then the sponsorship for that month is NOT rolled to the next month, it is canceled. 

Note: You may apply EVERY MONTH, even if you have already had a Sponsorship Program


What I Provide

The following will be provided by me



1 - 5 x Premium Random Steam Keys ( METACRITIC SCORE 70 AND UP ) for a giveaway on your channel ( Valued at around 70-150$ worth in games)


2- Advertising of YOUR channel and giveaway information on the following places 

- DBP Discord under announcements https://discord.gg/4xfSXBr

-DeltaBravo Productions Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/DeltabravoProductions03/

-DeltaBravo Productions Twitter Account https://twitter.com/DeltaBravo_P

- DeltaBravo Productions Website in the Event List 

- In a live stream on Twitch

- Will make a small video on Youtube announcing the winner,

and the date of your giveaway.


3- Will provide a HOST on Twitch if you stream on Twitch


4- If my schedule allows me, I'll be in your livestream for the giveaway


5- Your name and channel information will be permanently in the Sponsorship Hall Of Fame


6- Twitch Prime Sub ( Valued at 4.99)


7- Possibility of buying a custom Sponsored Limited Mug. 

(Will make a flash sale the day of the Giveaway, so 25% OFF for you and your viewers)



Example Mug



What You Provide

The following will be provided by you



1 - A open to anyone giveaway for the keys on your stream 

( You can have requirements like, Must follow you, Must be in the stream for x amount of time )

(You can NOT have a giveaway for just Twitch Subs or Youtube Join people. You can NOT "sell" tickets

for the giveaway, it must be free for everyone)


2- Advertising of MY channel in your Twitch or Youtube Livestream Tittle

(Ex: Farming Simulator + Giveaway Sponsored By DeltaBravo Productions) 

You also need to provide my website and my twitch/Youtube links in the descriptions)


3- Do some advertising on your social media about the giveaway including that its sponsored by

DeltaBravo Productions + Website information


4- Giveaway must happen between the 14 and the end of the month









1- You must have 20% more Youtube Subscribers then me




You must have 20% more Twitch followers than me 



In the case you stream on both platform, you must have 20% on at least one of the platforms


2- Follow me on the following places





You must follow DeltaBarvo Productions on the following media platforms if you have them.



3- Join Discord and send DeltaBravo Productions a private message


( NOTE: Some requirements are for security reason, anyone can pretend to be someone)







Sponsorship hall of fame

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