The story of a shy guy, who becomes a streamer...


Well, the title resumes the story.... The end....


Not quite, the story started back about a year ago. I'm a 29-year-old guy from Quebec, Canada. I'm one of those typical nerd guys, who loves anything that has to do with games, computer, and electronics. My day job doesn't include ANY of those things. I work as a Night Manager at a local grocery store. I've always love to watch Youtube / Twitch Streamers and wondered if I could ever do the same one day. Well about a year ago I've created DeltaBravo Productions on Youtube. Started to make some videos about controllers that I've built for ATS. Then from there went to make some videos of a couple of game plays, but never really got the hang of it. So I've decided to start streaming with the main motto of "Let's have fun, and be myself".


Pass a couple of months and now I'm over on Twitch. streaming a verity of games. My main love for games is Simulator types, but I don't limit myself to that. It includes Action, Adventure, Tycoon, MMO.


I've built a community that is self-driven from the people inside. A place where ANYONE is welcome, a place to have fun and run away from real life. I believe that everyone needs a place where he or she can go to and not think about real-life problems.  

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